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We, the members of the Seasons Orchestra, are grateful to our friends, whose contribution has helped us through hard times, enabling us to become one of Russia´s finest chamber orchestra.

Our sponsors


«The Seasons» Chamber Orchestra would like to express special thanks and acknowledgements to the major informational supporter Radio Russia for timely and effective coverage of the concerts.

It’s a rare gift not to forget about everlasting values in our fast-moving times.

However, «The Seasons» Moscow Chamber Orchestra has had the tremendous good fortune to meet a company which supports those values in exactly that way.

The orchestra’s sponsor since 2004 has been the world-famous corporation DHL Express. But actually this is vastly more than sponsorship in the conventional sense of the term — in fact it’s the parallel collaboration of two organizations.

This creative partnership has flowered in multiple different ways — theme-driven music evenings, innovative suggestions for benefit concerts, unique CDs of music for corporate clients, the participation of DHL’s clients in our concerts, amongst many notable aspects of our collaboration.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to DHL Express for their remarkable and propitious support, and we in our turn wish their own enterprises continued ongoing success.

Artistic Director and Chief Conductor,
Honoured Artist of Russia
Vladislav Bulakhov
and all the members and staff of the Orchestra.