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International Music Festival


The Twelfth “The Seasons”
International Music Festival, in Moscow


“The SEASONS” International Music Festival’s history sprang from 2002. Every year it has toured the Russian cities of: Moscow in autumn, Saint-Petersburg in winter, Nizhny Novgorod in spring, Krasnodar, Sochi, Adler and the Orlyonok Youth Summer Camp in summer. Annual “The SEASONS” Festival is moving from one city to another reviving the traditions of tours over Russia, discovering new talents, that’s why the Festival can be considered as innovation.

It’s now possible to state confidently that the Festival has found its place in the sea of cultural events of many cities in Russia. We’re especially delighted that “The SEASONS” Festival has found a reverberance in the hearts of the public.

The author of the Festival idea is Vladislav Bulakhov, Honoured Artist of Russia, Artistic director and Conductor of “The Seasons” Orchestra. He is sure that music has to became a binding link for contacts between different cultures and countries. “The SEASONS” Festival belongs to the list “The most important cultural events of Moscow-Capital”.

Each year the Festival has its national topic. Since 2002 the following thematic seasons have passed:

  • “The Music of Italy and Russia”
  • “The Music of North European countries, Baltia and Russia”
  • “The Music of Armenia and Russia”
  • “The Music of France and Russia”
  • “The Music of Great Britain”
  • “The Music of Germany and Russia”
  • “The Music of Latin America’s countries and Russia”
  • “The Music of Spain and Russia”
  • “The Music of Poland and Russia”

“The SEASONS” Festival has been delighted to welcome guest performes from Armenia, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Thanks to them the Festival has been packed with brilliant events — in fact “The SEASONS” is always a firework-display of ideas, emotions, themes, pieces and performances!

The Festival weaves an invisible thread among peoples of different countries and ages — a thread that offers everyone the chance to feel the extraordinary multiplicity of experiences thet the Majesty of Music offers!

The voyage continues! Hoping to see you soon!